About Us

We have a truly unique story to tell, LikeThatCoin is run by a group of four veteran traders who are considered the best at picking low ranking altcoins before they increase in value.

The idea of starting a platform like LikeThatCoin all started when we connected as a group, we saw the potential in what we could achieve by putting our minds and thoughts together, when searching for the next best opportunity.

Having a dynamic community of like minded traders has brought us so much joy, and seeing how fast we're growing as a community, together, is truly amazing.

Along the way, we have accomplished so much, not only as individuals but as a group. We make things work.

One of our founders was an early BNB investor who cashed out an amazing profit in May 2021. We want to be a part in your success with trading, we are always online and analyzing the next big pay-out opportunity, and sharing that with you.

We invite you to take part in our group, be one of us & cash-out with the big boys!

If you need to contact us, you can reach our inbox here: likethatcoin at protonmail dot com